How to write an essay

To start writing an essay is a difficult task not only for a student, but also even for an experienced writer. In this article, we will describe some of the basic techniques of overcoming the fearsome of empty sheet. Applying them in practice, you will definitely be convinced that the process of writing of essay not a hard university duty, but an exciting creative adventure. The main thing is to learn how to write an essay.


Before you start writing a work, do a concentration exercise. Just relax, think about something nice. For example, about the warmth of the spring’s sun. Feel, how does it tickle you with its rays? -Excellent! Now is the time to gather your thoughts.

Identify the topic you will write about in your essay. Now is the time to evaluate what you already know about your topic, and what else you need to study. For example, your topic is “Book of N.V. Gogol “. Think, what do you know already about the author? However, it is not enough. Make a list of questions that will help you to fully disclose the topic. For example: “Where was Gogol born and lived?”, “In what year did his first collection come out?”, “How was his first novel?”, “Which book glorified him?”, “What are the features of Gogol’s books?”

Find answers. If you come to this point, then the biggest part of your work is already finished. Now you have to be equipped with an encyclopedia, or to visit the internet and consistently answer the questions you wrote.

Express your own opinion. Answers to the questions are received and carefully written out. But how to make your essay highly graded? Write your own thoughts about what you are writing about. You may ask, “But if I have nothing to do with the fact that Gogol was born in 1809?” In this case, compare the available information to what you already know or can find out. For example, you can report that in the same year when the Russian writer N.V. Gogol was born, on the other continent, in America, writer Edgar Alan Poe was born. And both of them became famous for their phantasmagorias, although they had never been acquainted with each other. So you not only demonstrate your own erudition, but also show that you are able to compare.