Since Leaving the KKK, This Veteran Now Spends His Time Volunteering for Anti-Hate Mission

Army veteran Christopher Buckley used to be a national security leader for the Ku Klux Klan—but now he is using his time to spread compassion and racial understanding.

Buckley says that he first developed racist attitudes because of his rough childhood in Cleveland, Ohio. After joining the Army and serving overseas in Afghanistan and Iraq for 13 years, he began hating Muslims as well.

Upon returning home to Walker County, Georgia, he became an honored official in the Georgia White Knights chapter of the KKK.

Thankfully, after he befriended a man named Arno Michaels in 2016, his passion for white nationalism came to an end.

Arno Michaels was a former member of one of the largest racist skinhead organizations in America. He managed to unlearn his hateful tendencies, and now volunteers for Parents 4 Peace—a nonprofit dedicated to protecting youngsters from racist ideologies and helping white nationalists to let go of their dangerous stereotypes.

Thanks to his friendship with Michaels, Buckley left the KKK and began exposing himself to Black, Muslim, and refugee communities.

Their compassion towards Buckley spurred him to become a volunteer with Parents 4 Peace—and he now spends his time helping youth and adults find the exact same transformation that he found in empathy and kindness.