In order to write a standard diploma, you need much less effort than to force yourself to start this, let’s say straightforwardly, not the most interesting work. To ensure that these efforts are not wasted, you need to exclude all tempting factors – turn off the Internet, hang the lock on the refrigerator, turn off all the phones (and Skype!). It is better to wipe yourself out of public life for these three days!

So, if the main idea is mastered, the theme of the work is determined only to determine how you can write a paper in three days. This can be done, of course, not with all the works, but with so many. The main technical condition in this enterprise is access to a computer and the ability to handle a text editor. To implement the task, the following sequence of actions is necessary.

If you have firmly decided that the time, then for starters it is worth to sketch on a sheet of paper an approximate plan for the future thesis. It is understood that you are not writing your work from scratch, but you already have certain records and achievements.

Now let’s make a presentation. Recently, the defense of the diploma projects takes place in the slide show mode from the projector. Therefore, first make a presentation of your diploma, which briefly outlines the goals, methods of research and the main achievements of your work. The presentation is a kind of concretization of the plan of your thesis work.

We are writing a diploma. The instruction is extremely simple: open on your desktop the text editor of documents and start typing the text on the items. The beauty of electronic writing course or diploma work is that you can make corrections to any part of the document at any time. When the work is written by hand (you do not want the enemy!), In case of error, you have to rewrite the whole page at best.

Some useful tips:

Using an online translator, insure yourself and take a couple more conventional dictionaries.

If the translator has given something unprecedented and absolutely incomprehensible, try to make it so that this absurdity at least sounded logical.

Copy competently! There is always a chance that someone will want to read your work.

While writing a work, do not forget to inspire yourself with the idea that the earlier you sort things out with it, the sooner you will be able to proceed to things more pleasant.

Distribute your time so that you do not overload yourself with information. Take small breaks to get distracted. Remember that the best holiday is a change of activity!

Break up the work into pieces that you can really accomplish, so to speak, “for one sitting”. After doing each part, encourage yourself: watch the series of your favorite TV series, dance to your favorite music, eat something delicious.