Book review structure

What you must  to consider when writing a review? There are several subtleties in writing reviews. Remember that the text is not being presented with your opinion. It is necessary to thoroughly study the promoted product and on its basis to write reviews. How to do it? Here are some of the developments:

First we think through the structure after reading the original document. From it you will start, thinking how to write a review?

Output for yourself the result of the knowledge. Highlight points and write them down in a separate document. They will need to make a special emphasis.

Reading the material, try to find contradictions. Even in the most ideal product, they will be found.

Think about enough info provided so that you can write a review on it? If something is not clear – ask the customer.

After reading the source document, you need to analyze the information received. Think – did you learn something new? Does not the information contradict the one you knew before? How can the data be perceived by a person? Are there any obvious unreliable data, according to which it is clear that they are beyond the rules?

In general, you need to clearly understand what the article is about, to write a this on it and to understand how to do it correctly. If the first time you do not understand – reread the text again. Write down the key points to which the following types are assigned:

The goals set by the article.

Theoretical and basic proposals to the consumer.

If a clear conceptual line?

Are the facts highlighted and are they of weight?

Does the article tell us about the problem with which it was written?

How and how clear is the text written?

Correctly determine the structure of the this.

If you have determined everything for yourself and have outlined a clear line, you need to think about how to proceed further? In technical terms, you need to come up with a good review title. In this plan, you can choose two types: affirmative, interrogative, descriptive title.