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Homework in student’s life

Homework is a main part of education. Doing homework, student improves book-learning and uses them in practice. But sometimes, theoretical basis isn’t enough to do homework’s tasks rightly.

Homework for students can in no case be compared with the tasks of schoolchildren. Many homework assignments are veiled, so that the student himself can draw a conclusion about what final result he should receive. The quality of homework is the key to successful study.

What should the student do in this case? Who can help him? Parents can’t always prompt the right decision, because the curriculum changes from year to year. Student can contact the tutor or search the internet to qualitative homework writing servise. Let’s look at the advantages and disadvantages of these variants. Hiring a tutor, you’d pay attention to the level of his education, work experience, feedback. Usually lessons with a tutor aren’t cheap, so you must calculate your budget. Working with a tutor, you will not just do your homework, but also understand the subject. If this will useful in the future for your education, of course, this is a good investment of money and time.

But if you haven’t free time, money and don’t need theoretical and practice knowledge of the subject, you can buy already finished homework in the Internet. There are many writing servise, where you can choose writer for your hometask and pay him. Depending on student’s misunderstanding of the subject and the task, the payment is different. Since different tasks can be set: the task is executed from scratch, answers to the most difficult questions for the student, editing and explanation of errors in the already completed homework. Anyway, student can count on the help of professionals.


Choosing a solution to a problem, remember that no one will solve it better than you. Therefore, if you don’t understand the subject, you may need to spend a little time learning it. And doing homework will not be problematic for you. Remember, your knowledge is priceless. The gained theoretical and practical skills can not only save you money and time, but also help you in the further development of education.

Book review structure

What you must  to consider when writing a review? There are several subtleties in writing reviews. Remember that the text is not being presented with your opinion. It is necessary to thoroughly study the promoted product and on its basis to write reviews. How to do it? Here are some of the developments:

First we think through the structure after reading the original document. From it you will start, thinking how to write a review?

Output for yourself the result of the knowledge. Highlight points and write them down in a separate document. They will need to make a special emphasis.

Reading the material, try to find contradictions. Even in the most ideal product, they will be found.

Think about enough info provided so that you can write a review on it? If something is not clear – ask the customer.

After reading the source document, you need to analyze the information received. Think – did you learn something new? Does not the information contradict the one you knew before? How can the data be perceived by a person? Are there any obvious unreliable data, according to which it is clear that they are beyond the rules?

In general, you need to clearly understand what the article is about, to write a this on it and to understand how to do it correctly. If the first time you do not understand – reread the text again. Write down the key points to which the following types are assigned:

The goals set by the article.

Theoretical and basic proposals to the consumer.

If a clear conceptual line?

Are the facts highlighted and are they of weight?

Does the article tell us about the problem with which it was written?

How and how clear is the text written?

Correctly determine the structure of the this.

If you have determined everything for yourself and have outlined a clear line, you need to think about how to proceed further? In technical terms, you need to come up with a good review title. In this plan, you can choose two types: affirmative, interrogative, descriptive title.

How to write an essay

To start writing an essay is a difficult task not only for a student, but also even for an experienced writer. In this article, we will describe some of the basic techniques of overcoming the fearsome of empty sheet. Applying them in practice, you will definitely be convinced that the process of writing of essay not a hard university duty, but an exciting creative adventure. The main thing is to learn how to write an essay.


Before you start writing a work, do a concentration exercise. Just relax, think about something nice. For example, about the warmth of the spring’s sun. Feel, how does it tickle you with its rays? -Excellent! Now is the time to gather your thoughts.

Identify the topic you will write about in your essay. Now is the time to evaluate what you already know about your topic, and what else you need to study. For example, your topic is “Book of N.V. Gogol “. Think, what do you know already about the author? However, it is not enough. Make a list of questions that will help you to fully disclose the topic. For example: “Where was Gogol born and lived?”, “In what year did his first collection come out?”, “How was his first novel?”, “Which book glorified him?”, “What are the features of Gogol’s books?”

Find answers. If you come to this point, then the biggest part of your work is already finished. Now you have to be equipped with an encyclopedia, or to visit the internet and consistently answer the questions you wrote.

Express your own opinion. Answers to the questions are received and carefully written out. But how to make your essay highly graded? Write your own thoughts about what you are writing about. You may ask, “But if I have nothing to do with the fact that Gogol was born in 1809?” In this case, compare the available information to what you already know or can find out. For example, you can report that in the same year when the Russian writer N.V. Gogol was born, on the other continent, in America, writer Edgar Alan Poe was born. And both of them became famous for their phantasmagorias, although they had never been acquainted with each other. So you not only demonstrate your own erudition, but also show that you are able to compare.


In order to write a standard diploma, you need much less effort than to force yourself to start this, let’s say straightforwardly, not the most interesting work. To ensure that these efforts are not wasted, you need to exclude all tempting factors – turn off the Internet, hang the lock on the refrigerator, turn off all the phones (and Skype!). It is better to wipe yourself out of public life for these three days!

So, if the main idea is mastered, the theme of the work is determined only to determine how you can write a paper in three days. This can be done, of course, not with all the works, but with so many. The main technical condition in this enterprise is access to a computer and the ability to handle a text editor. To implement the task, the following sequence of actions is necessary.

If you have firmly decided that the time, then for starters it is worth to sketch on a sheet of paper an approximate plan for the future thesis. It is understood that you are not writing your work from scratch, but you already have certain records and achievements.

Now let’s make a presentation. Recently, the defense of the diploma projects takes place in the slide show mode from the projector. Therefore, first make a presentation of your diploma, which briefly outlines the goals, methods of research and the main achievements of your work. The presentation is a kind of concretization of the plan of your thesis work.

We are writing a diploma. The instruction is extremely simple: open on your desktop the text editor of documents and start typing the text on the items. The beauty of electronic writing course or diploma work is that you can make corrections to any part of the document at any time. When the work is written by hand (you do not want the enemy!), In case of error, you have to rewrite the whole page at best.

Some useful tips:

Using an online translator, insure yourself and take a couple more conventional dictionaries.

If the translator has given something unprecedented and absolutely incomprehensible, try to make it so that this absurdity at least sounded logical.

Copy competently! There is always a chance that someone will want to read your work.

While writing a work, do not forget to inspire yourself with the idea that the earlier you sort things out with it, the sooner you will be able to proceed to things more pleasant.

Distribute your time so that you do not overload yourself with information. Take small breaks to get distracted. Remember that the best holiday is a change of activity!

Break up the work into pieces that you can really accomplish, so to speak, “for one sitting”. After doing each part, encourage yourself: watch the series of your favorite TV series, dance to your favorite music, eat something delicious.

The dissertation.

The dissertation is the most serious kind of academic work. It is the most detailed elaboration of a topic that claims to be conferred on its author a scientific degree. In some countries there are only candidates, which they call doctoral. Recently, in some universities, such types of work as a bachelor’s degree and a master’s thesis have been introduced. However, in fact, these works correspond to the diploma of the old domestically standard.

Any scientific research is topical if it is devoted to a problem that is solved in the interests of contemporary needs of society, insufficiently developed by science, has great socio-economic significance after its solution. Through dissertational research, the dissertant proves the level of his own scientific qualification, the ability to carry out scientific research and solve his own scientific problems.

Officially, the candidate’s thesis is the systematization of the knowledge gained by the researcher in a certain field; doctoral is a scientific discovery based on this systematization. In fact, these works are almost no different, except in volume. The average amount of work of the candidate of sciences is approximately 150 pages, and the doctor of sciences – 200. Defense of the thesis is essentially more serious than the defense of the thesis. It takes place at a meeting of the department, it involves two opponents and two reviewers. Applicants of the doctoral degree do not have scientific supervisors, but there are consultants. The dissertation also has a leading organization – another (non-native) academic institution, which should, as it were, monitor the integrity of the defense.

In addition, long before the defense there is a discussion of the thesis, or its pre-defense. The Institute of Pre-Defense in some universities is applied even for coursework. During this procedure, opponents and reviewers, as it were, warn you of all the shortcomings of your work, so that you can correct them. The doctoral dissertation passes two pre-defense.

Special requirements for the thesis are almost exclusively formal.

First of all, the title page of the dissertation should include the number and title of the specialty. Further, the theses are extremely strictly regulated by the Introduction. Introduction, in fact, is the most important and most readable part of the thesis. It is for the Introduction in this case that the text is judged as a whole.

In addition, the introduction should indicate the publication of the dissertation. The candidate must submit at least one publication, as well as an abstract, before the defense.

The abstract is a short (on average 30 pages) description of the contents of the dissertation, which is subject to publication before its defense. Abstracts are sent to all significant libraries, so you should fill them with text solely of your own production. The dissertant must publish or post in the library of a scientific institution one article (in rare cases, two or three). Most often the article is the most significant and successful part of the thesis. The sequence of administrative steps to defend dissertations is quite complex and is not the subject of this manual. It remains only to say that in fact the dissertational text does not exceed the degree thesis. It can also be compiled from already ready texts of other authors, including from other dissertations. Only to do this you need a little more cautious because the text of the dissertation is much more accessible to the general public.